Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Elgin Theatre, Toronto

I've only been out east for just over a year, and I'd never heard of the Elgin Theatre and Winter Garden in Toronto until yesterday. It looks like a fabulous piece of architecture, though--on my must-see list for next time I travel up to the big TO. Read more at Suite101: Elgin Theatre, Toronto: History, Shows and Visitor Info

Friday, 17 December 2010

Hammer Horror 101

2010 has seen the passing of two Hammer horror greats: director Roy Ward Baker and scream queen Ingrid Pitt. It's time to educate yourself on the output of the great British Gothic horror studio, which made such classics as Dracula, The Curse of Frankenstein and The Devil Rides Out. Read my introduction to the Hammer horror films at Squidoo: Hammer Horror 101

Pentecostal Beliefs: An Introduction

The main belief that sets Pentecostals apart from other Christians is the doctrine of the Baptism in the Holy Spirit, an experience of God's power available to all believers following conversion. Speaking in tongues--other languages, human or heavenly--is the main evidence of this experience, according to traditional (or classical) Pentecostals. To find about more about Pentecostal beliefs and practices, read here: Suite 101: Pentecostal Beliefs: An Introduction

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Gremlins (1984): Movie Review

A cute pet spawns a legion of monsters in this 1984 horror-comedy from director Joe Dante and producer Steven Spielberg.

The movie could have been darker, but Spielberg reportedly steered the production in a more family-oriented direction. The result still has a few scares, however, and Gremlins remains a lot of fun today, providing ... [Read more at Hub Pages: Gremlins (1984): Movie Review]

Is Operation Repo Fake or Real?

Is Operation Repo Fake or Real?

Thursday, 2 December 2010

Love Never Dies: The Changes

After being open less than nine months, Love Never Dies, the stage sequel to the hit musical The Phantom of the Opera, has been given a revamp. The production opened in London's West End in March 2010 to mixed reviews and a barrage of complaints from die-hard "Phans" of the original show. Criticisms ranged from the banality of Glenn Slater's lyrics to the improbable plot turns and character twists of Ben Elton's story and book.

To rescue the show, impresario and composer Andrew Lloyd Webber shut down performances for three weeks in November so the cast could rehearse a new version ... [Read more at Hub Pages: Love Never Dies: The Changes]

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Read Edgar Allan Poe Online

Need to Find Edgar Allan Poe's Poems on the Web?

Finding Edgar Allan Poe poems online is thankfully pretty easy, since Poe's works are out of copyright--the American literary giant died in 1849. If you need to read Poe's fiction, poetry or short works for your school essay, college term paper, university research paper or just for the sheer delight of enjoying a master of the macabre ... [Read more at Hub Pages: Read Edgar Allan Poe Poems Online]

Best Liverpool Attractions

Five Great Places to Visit in Liverpool, England

It was for good reason that the European Union designated Liverpool its 2008 City of Culture. Although to many people Liverpool is all about The Beatles and Liverpool Football Club, there's so much more to explore and discover in this historic city. ... [Read about Liverpool Cathedral, the Walker Art Gallery and more at Hub Pages: Best Liverpool Cultural Attractions]