Monday, 26 July 2010

Becoming a speech therapist in the UK

A brief guide to becoming a speech and language therapist in the UK, including experience, qualifications, professional bodies and finding a job.

A speech therapist helps people of all ages to overcome problems with speaking, such as stuttering, verbal apraxia, and slowness of speech following a stroke. The field extends to related issues, such as swallowing and breathing problems, and mental health. In the United Kingdom, a speech therapist is a health professional employed privately or by ... Visit Suite101 to read more about how to become a speech therapist in the UK.

Sunday, 18 July 2010

How to become a writer

A step-by-step guide to the basics of becoming a published writer.

Do you write, even if just for your own pleasure? Congratulations: You are already a writer. But perhaps you are thinking about taking it a step further, sharing your work with others, getting published and establishing yourself as a professional writer. This short guide will take you through the essential steps towards fulfilling your writing goals. ... Read more at Suite101: How to Become a Published Writer

Billy Liar filming locations

Billy Liar's Bradford

Billy Liar was the film that made Julie Christie a household name, but the Yorkshire town of Bradford was equally a star of this swinging sixties classic.

The 1963 British film Billy Liar memorably captured the beauty and charm of Julie Christie, then a youthful 22. But dazzling and delightful as Christie's portrayal of the spontaneous and carefree Liz was, this comic drama also put its main filming location on the screen for posterity.

While some scenes were shot in nearby Leeds and Manchester, as well as London, the movie's fictional setting of Stradhoughton was chiefly the real-life West Yorkshire industrial town (and city, since 1974) of Bradford. Some 46 years after Billy Liar was released in theaters ... Read more at Suite101: Billy Liar Film Locations